Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First training Webinar

A true sign of the times - my very first official training as AV Coordinator for the upcoming Fall 09 Voyage of Semester at Sea will happen via the web. Handy for me, since David and I are in Whittier, Ca. visiting his parents. Today's session covers boat safety - probably not a very exciting topic, but it's still fun for me since it's just proof that this is all real, and in just a month's time I'll start this journey around the world - amazing! If you want to know more about Semester at Sea, visit the web site at

David is not going to be meeting me in China and Vietnam after all. He's ended up traveling a lot this year, and it would be too difficult to afford either the time or the money. So, yet another long separation for the two of us - sigh!

A little background, for those of you who don't know. I applied for the job via the web site about 3 years ago. All staff and faculty positions are listed there, and the entire application process is completed electronically. I was told relatively quickly that I qualified for the position and would be put on the register for future voyages. About a year ago, I received a phone interview by one of the deans, who then said I seemed to be a good fit, and would I be available for the Winter '09 voyage? Although I said yes, it wasn't ideal, since David and I would have JUST been reunited following my retirement from Evergreen in November. Fortunately, another qualified candidate particularly wanted that voyage since their spouse was teaching on board at that time, so I ended up being interviewed again for the Fall '09 voyage, and Voila!

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  1. that is so cool. I am excited to follow your progress. I love it when people manage to actually do some living in their lives!
    shelley hanna (van spronsen)