Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Students LOVED the Africa music selections played from my iTunes library before and after Global Studies this morning - Ali Farka Toure and Habib Koité & Bamada. Both hail from Mali - seems I don't have Ghanian music. Anyway, I've had to rely a lot on my personal music library, since the world music faculty who's supposed to get appropriate music to me is just SO disorganized! (Sean, wish you were here.) So, many thanks to David for helping me to broaden my musical tastes!
My current feelings about this ship environment are that this is a kind of mini floating colonial empire. The passengers (almost all American) are surrounded by quiet, smiling crew in pressed uniforms are all from other countries, and address us as 'sir' and 'ma'am', polishing and vacuuming and folding toilet paper ends into neat triangles, serving us food and drinks, turning down our beds magically. They're not allowed to 'fraternize' with us, but I still know that sweet Jeffrey is from India, and misses his wife and 10-month old son, and that he just discovered that he may be on the ship a month longer than was originally contracted - bet his wife won't be happy about that!
I don't know what to expect from Ghana, besides malarial mosquitos, beautifully colored clothing, and dangerous drinking water. I'm hoping to find music - street music would be fine. Looking forward to the Volta river and my 'eco-adventure' trip the second and third days.


  1. hi honey...you know I'm a fan of beautifully colored clothing (or even a few yards of lovely material :)) you look LOVELY in your blog photo

  2. Wish I were there too! All the super-cool world music selections would have been yours for the asking before we even set sail!