Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Water, water, everywhere...

It's interesting being out to sea for a stretch. I have worked a bit to quell feelings of being trapped with no escape, and it's a wonder to me that I can be completely out in nature and yet never go outside - how is that possible? I'm now making a special effort during my classroom rounds to take the few outside routes that are available to me. Today I had my first real "break", sitting on a lounge chair in the sun on the pool deck, listening to student conversations around me liberally laced with sexual innuendo - fun. My job is coming together, faculty are getting the hang of classroom systems so I can relax a bit and spend time looking forward to our arrival in Cadiz, Spain in 2 days. Then only one day of travel and we're in Morocco! Let the excitement begin! I PROMISE more pictures soon.
Fun dance last night (I provided the sound support) - basic disco, but students dressed in "mashed" outfits - mixed up, underwear outside, mismatched shoes, you get the idea. Very fun, and I dressed up as well to sit in the media booth. So far, it's a bit disappointing that the faculty and staff don't seem to know how to have fun - is that really what happens as we age??

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