Friday, August 28, 2009

Official Day One from Nova Scotia

After some grueling experiences with the work side of this experience having to do with no real training being available and a disorganized work site (my ex-colleague Raoul would be APPALLED), I shrugged it all off this morning to enjoy a picturesque bus ride through Halifax to Point Pleasant Park. Clear blue skies, pleasant temperatures, clean salt waters with beautiful rocky shores - just what my tattered nerves needed. Walking back to the ship later, I found that the rest of the 510 students had been processed and boarded. It's a whole different ship! So now, we're really ready to do this together.
The ship left Halifax at 17:00 (ship-board time) in bright sun and a brisk Canadian wind. As soon as we left, I realized I'd forgotten to buy a mug - there are no cups available on the ship in between meals for coffee or tea! This is part of the "green" campaign, although I think it would make more sense not to wash my sheets every single day. I've smuggled one from the cafeteria now til I can get one of my own.

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