Friday, August 21, 2009


So far, with not quite 2 days left, I've just casually been tossing items into my bag - tomorrow I get serious, really! Lisa brought me the perfect travel skirt today - wrinkle free, ankle length, simple, light, cool. Although there's no chance of truly "blending in" with most of the populations we'll be visiting, my goal is not to offend too deeply, if I can help it. So, relative modesty, which honestly suits me fine.

I had a travel consultation with the Thurston County Health Dept. nurse a couple of days ago, which does make me feel a bit more prepared. Ended up with Hep-A shot in one arm, Typhus in the other, and both too sore to sleep on for one night. But peace of mind! And I go armed with malaria and dysentery medicine. On my friend Zena's recommendation, I also picked up grapefruit seed extract to help with my touchy intestinal system. Hard to enjoy traveling when you don't feel good, as my sister-in-law, Kwan Sook and I discovered some years ago in Thailand.

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